Children’s Christmas Choir

Children's Choir | Christmas 2017

Sunday School Parents,

We are excited to announce that we will have a ‘Children’s Christmas Choir’ this season. The choir will be available to all Sunday School children of the ages 3+. Practices will be on some Sundays and some Wednesdays during The Journey class. Your children will have the opportunity to work with Sis. Donohoo, Sis. Taylor and Sis. Sarah. This is an opportunity for your child to be part of leading in praise and worship during our ‘Children’s Weekend’ (Dec 10th). The children will be learning two songs to sing and one song that they will be signing. We are asking for children who commit to the ‘Children’s Choir’ to be here for each practice. We would ask that they not miss more than two practices to ensure that they are learning their parts and the signs for the signing song.

Scheduled Practices Include:

  • Wednesday Nov 8th – During “The Journey” class
  • Wednesday Nov 15th – During “The Journey” class
  • Sunday Dec 3rd – During Sunday School
  • Wednesday Dec 6th – During “The Journey”
  • Friday Dec 8th – 7pm – 9pm Snack provided
  • Sunday Dec 10th – 5:15pm prior to evening service
  • Sunday Dec 10th – Children lead evening worship 6:30pm
  • Other required practices – To Be Announced

A Few Important Details

Will Children Be Practicing For Over an Hour?  We anticipate frequent breaks and will plan bathroom breaks and even have snacks during practices.


Where Will Practices be Held?  Children’s Christmas Choir practice will be held in the sanctuary during each scheduled practice.


What Should Parents Do?  During Wednesday practices, parents are welcome to join the “Journey” class following prayer in the Hospitality room, or find other activities near the church.


Please Arrive and Be Back On Time Because there are many families involved, we ask that you arrive at or before the practice start time and be ready to pick your children up at the scheduled practice end time.


Practice Often… Below are the song(s) that the Children’s Christmas Choir will be leading worship in.  You can visit this website often to play or ‘stream’ the songs to be used for practice at home.


Way Maker – Audio Only

Way Maker – Video (w\ Lyrics)